Cookie Policy

What are “cookies”?
Cookies are information packets that are sent by web servers to web browsers which are then stored on the hard drive of your computer. It allows you to browse websites easier as it stores your preferences on a specific website. By default, most internet browsers are allowed to accept these cookies which may remain on your PC even after you finished your internet session but you can remove them manually by accessing the system utilities or configuring the settings of your browser.

Should you wish not to receive these cookies, you can set your web browser not to accept them or send you a warning whenever a website is going to use them. Enabling your browser to receive cookies will allow the “” website to work more efficiently while disabling this feature won’t cause issues on how the website operates.

This is how “” uses these cookies:

User preferences
We use a software that will save this cookie on your PC for the purpose of retaining your details whenever you make new comments without the need to enter them again and again.

Anonymous performance
Like us, it is also possible for these cookies to be used by third party analytics software for acquiring details about the pages that you often visit and reports if you are experiencing any browsing problems such as links that are broken or pages that are not loading. Any information gathered from these cookies are used solely for improving the functionalities of our website and are totally anonymous.

Third party
You may also receive third party cookies when you visit our website. Our service providers or advertisers can use these cookies for the following purposes:

  • to determine the browser that you are using to visit different websites
  • to use the proper ads which you might find interesting
  • to create the right web surfing profile

How to disable cookies:

Open the help menu from your web browser to learn how to disable these cookies. However it is important to remember that these cookies are used by some websites so make sure to check if the websites that you frequently visit necessitate these cookies before you turn them off.