Frequently asked questions

How do you rank brokers on your site?

Answer: Using our special formula to rank the broker, gives a good indication of their performance.By clicking on the following link: you can find all the relevant information and answers to help guide you.


What is the best way to find a top broker?

Answer: We use many parameters, amongst which is Google Trends, the analytical chart shows the popularity of Brokers over a period of time. We constantly check and update our ratings accordingly. You can find this by clicking on our home site: and going to Google Trends


Is the information on your site sufficient to decide which trades to trade?

Answer: Our dedicated team does their best by examining all the main parameters to be able to offer the trader the required criteria. We suggest that you go and visit the brand site and read the terms and conditions section.


Which brand is the most popular brand?

Answer: By going to Google Trends on our site the chart shows the most popular brands traders chose over a period of time. Alternatively we have listed our top 10 recommended brands for trading with rankings at


As a trader I have a lot of experience, can I contribute for other traders on your site?

Answer: Sure you can, by voting! Then just write a comment on each brand. You are most welcome to leave a reply as well!


I chose a good broker from your list, but now I need to choose which asset to trade with. Do you have any advice?

Answer: We recommend that you start off by choosing a popular asset which you can easily get data and information from. By linking to our homepage at and going to Google Trends you will also be able to get a lot of valuable information that will help you choose.


I have heard that on the one hand that binary options trading is very profitable but on the other hand that it can be very risky. Is it?

Answer: You heard right. This field can generate high profits , nevertheless it is very risky and you should trade only after you have learnt about the broker and examined their terms and conditions. It is recommended that before investing in financial markets, that Binary Options trading carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for all investors so always take into account if you are financially able to assume the loss of your entire investment.



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