How we Rank the Broker

In order to give a real unbiased review for the brokers that we mention within our site, we made a thorough check and collected many parameters which you can see within any of our reviews.

However to make things simpler we decided to consider and rank the brokers according to the 5 most important parameters from the Traders’ point of view to succeed in choosing the brand that suits him best. The parameters are:

Minimum Deposit, Payout Rates, Withdrawal Time, Demo Account, Regulation.

Each parameter has a value and score (the total value is up to 100). We constantly adapt our scoring methods and update this page so you have the information on how we score our listed brokers, giving you an objective and unique view regarding the most updated data for your safety and protection together with current offers.


The 5 parameters are:

1. Minimum Deposit

All Binary Options Brokers have a minimum deposit requirement. It is the amount a trader is required to deposit into their trading account before being able to make live trades. A word of advice, before depositing, check out what services are provided, in most cases you will find that with a minimum deposit they might not offer a demo account or other such services. Usually the higher deposit will include all sorts of extra’s’ like bonuses, training, one on one support etc.

Our Scale

Minimum Deposit $ score
$0-$100 100
$101-$200 90
$201-$250 80
$251-$350 60
$351+ 0


2. Payouts

If you trade a specific asset it is best to shop for the broker that offers the highest payout for that asset. When it comes to payouts all Binary Options brokers offer different payouts, so it best to find out beforehand.

Binary Options trades payout between 75%- 85% for standard Call/Put Trades Short term options such as 60 Second Binary Options offer lower payouts in the region of 65-75% as they present a higher risk for the broker.

One Touch options have high yields up to 500% as they are less risky for the broker and present the highest risk for the trader.

When listing a broker payout percentage it is usually the highest payout offered for a standard Call/Put binary option.


Our scale

Payout Rates % score
90+ 100
85-90 90
80-85 80
75-80 70
71-75 50
up to 70% 0

3. Demo Account

It is not normal practice for Binary Option brokers to offer demo accounts, but always be sure to ask when you sign up as it is very advantageous for you the trader to be able to practice without any risk of capital before hand! A very nice added perk to have.

Our scale

Demo Account score
yes +5
no 0

4. Regulation

What is a regulated binary option broker?

A regulated broker is a broker who follows a very strict charter imposed by an authority (or regulator). It is a mark of transparency and an important guarantee for the client that there is no shady business going on.

CySEC (Cypriot Safety and Financial Exchange Commission) a regulatory authority of binary option contracts has decided to include binary options in the list of financial instruments that fall within the scope of the regulatory legislation following approval by the European Commission. Through this announcement, this organization alerted all binary option brokers to their need to provide them with a file within a 6-month-deadline in order to obtain a license. Other regulatory authorities, such as AMF, have followed in suit to regulate online binary option brokers.

Our scale

Regulation score
yes +10
no 0


5. Withdrawals

This is the whole point of trading, being able to withdraw your funds without long delays. It should be efficient. We put the broker through the paces on this issue checking the length of time it takes for them to deposit funds in Traders accounts.

Our scale

Withdrawals score
2 – 4 days 100
05 to 07 days 80
08 to 10 days 60
11+ 0


6.US Accepted


US Accepted score
yes +5
no 0


Other parameters we checked without giving a score and consider in our rankings are:


Bank accounts

The Broker has to ensure that funds are put in segregated bank accounts for the trader, thus ensuring payouts no matter what the financial situation of the Broker.



The Broker has to ensure that he has adequate security on his website/platform thus ensuring that all information is properly protected from hackers.


Addiction to Gambling

A section on addiction together with warnings and help lines needs to be featured on their website.

What areas do we test?



Good customer support is vital for hassle free, good trading. The chat, emails, live support all should be professional, helpful and concise.


Trading Platform

In order to have a “happy shopper” there should be a good trading platform!

We ask ourselves- is it easy to navigate?

  • What added features and options are there?
  • Are they trading on real time?
  • Do the closing rates match expiry prices on the platform?


Privacy and Security

A huge concern for most traders who need to have the peace of mind is that adequate security measures are in place.



The website should have all the information needed to answer any questions!

Such as contact details and training resources to name a few.


Trends Brokers:
We examine the Popularity of Brokers and what sites traders searched for when choosing a broker over a period of time according to Google Trends analytical charts.

All these other parameters that we take into account are from input that we gathered, which in our opinion needs to be included in the ranking. We give up to an additional 10 points or reduce up to 10 points from the brands whichever is relevant.
The total highest score a brand can get is 100.